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Where the Beatgoddess Beats Off

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Created on 2017-04-20 04:09:43 (#3146253), last updated 2017-05-26 (21 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jan 19
Website:La Diosa del Golpe (The Goddess of Beat)
"I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I was a giraffe and somebody said I was a snake, I'd think 'No, actually I am a giraffe.'"
- richard gere

Kefir-drinking criptastic@. Gender is optional, happiness is essential. I've got plenty of both but I forget sometimes.

Erstwhile gregarious hermit and introverted extrovert. King of Bees, not Jews; that's Jesus.

[Fine print: If you'd like to add me to your friends list, please feel free, but also please understand that I may not add you back. Most common reason I don't add people back = I have a large friends list, full of people who are important to me in the three-dimensional world, and I don't want to make my friends page unwieldy. If you add me, I'd love it if you'd drop me a line to say who you are and why you're adding me, but don't feel pressured to do so.]

The rest is glitter.

"Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."
-Pancho Villa (1877-1923), last words

Interests (140):

anarchy, anti-racism, any positive change, arjuna greist, asspirates, bdsm, bell hooks, black feminist thought, blood, bookmaking, books, boots, borderlands, boys making out, brits, burlesque, catholic fetishism, chocolate, chronic awesomeness, chronic illness, community supported agriculture, creamy goodness, cripsex, d/s, diane dimassa, dildos, diosa, disabilities, disability, divine, dominant masochism, drag, dykes, ex-catholics, faggotry, faggots, fags, fat, fat activism, fat cats, fat dykes, fatso, feminisms, fetishes, fisting, flaunt it, french, frida kahlo, fuck illness, fucking, gender, genderfuck, genderqueer, gina de vries, giraffes, gloria anzaldua, guadalupe, happiness, harm reduction, herbs, hiv, hothead paisan, iconoclasm, injection drug users, invisible disabilities, kali, kinder eggs, kink, klezmer, knives, kosher, kweeah[z], leather, lesbianarchy, lesbianery, lip balm, llamas, lolita, lunatics, macha, marilyn wann, mestizaje, metasexuality, michelle tea, micmac, midwifery, movies, mp3s, my little pony, nancies, needles, nomy lamm, pagemaker, paraphilia, pcos, penistrucks, people of color, photocopiers, pirates, poetry, polytheistic catholicism, porn, pornography, pwa, race, rashomon, reproductive rights, running away to vegas, rurouni kenshin, safer sex, sex, sex toys, sexwork, sexy eyeglasses, sir, size queens, skulls, sleep apnea, snakes, spanish, stds, stones, stripping, submissive sadism, sushi, tattoos, the hail marys, trans, transexuality, transgender, traveling, unschooling, vampires, vixen creations, wheat/gluten free foods, worship, yemaja, ze/hir, zheroes, zines
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